Lockdowns in China could derail the planned launch of the

Lockdowns in China could derail the planned launch of the iPhone 14 – Apple partners will not have time to start production

Apple traditionally introduces a new generation of iPhones in September, but this year it was surprised by the spring lockdowns in China, and now the process of preparing for the start of mass production of the 14th series devices has been delayed. Apple partners still have a chance to launch new smartphones of this brand in time, but for this the current activities need to be accelerated.

    Image source: Apple

Image source: Apple

In late March, local authorities in Shanghai and some other parts of China imposed restrictions on citizens’ movements amid increasing threats of the spread of coronavirus infection. Many companies were idle for several weeks at a time and could only resume work under the strictest conditions. Pegatron’s iPhone manufacturing facility in Shanghai, for example, was not allowed to resume production until May 16.

According to information Nikkei Asian Review, two Apple contractors, Foxconn and Pegatron, are involved in the development of a new generation of iPhone whose operations in China have been significantly impacted by lockdowns. Apple’s next-gen smartphone specs were originally supposed to be ready by June and mass-produced by August, but now at least one in four models is three weeks behind schedule. Whether Apple partners will be able to produce new smartphones in sufficient quantities by September’s debut is a big question.

According to the source, when considering the risks for the current year, Apple mainly focused on the shortage of components and did not particularly consider the likelihood of major lockdowns in China, leading to not very pleasant consequences. Part of the orders for the release of new iPhones is entrusted to Luxshare, which previously specialized in wireless AirPods headphones. This contractor will be able to produce two of the four models in the iPhone 14 series, but this company will not be involved in developing any specifications.

The Fall 2022 iPhone lineup is expected to consist of four models: the entry-level iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro with 6.1-inch displays, and the iPhone 14 Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max with 6.7-inch displays level higher. Customs Ads. The compact iPhone mini is excluded from the new line.

It is important to understand that the launch of closed-loop production in China after a long lockdown has not yet accelerated the development of new products, since specialists are not yet allowed to move freely around the country, and without this it is much more difficult complex to create electronic devices. However, two years of pandemic should have taught Apple and its partners how to deal with such difficulties.

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