Lockbit hackers claim they hacked SpaceX contractor and stole 3000

Lockbit hackers claim they hacked SpaceX contractor and stole 3,000 unique blueprints

The Lockbit hacking group said it allegedly hacked Maximum Industries, a contractor for private aerospace company SpaceX, which makes various parts for it, The Register writes. According to the attackers, they stole about 3,000 unique drawings made by Elon Musk’s company’s engineers.

    Image source: SpaceX

Image source: SpaceX

The hackers threaten to release the stolen data on March 20, 2023 if their demands are not met and they are paid a ransom. In this case, the attackers promise to hold an auction and sell the information to “other producers”.

“I would say we would be lucky if SpaceX’s contractors were more talkative. But I think this data will find its buyer very quickly. Elon Musk, we help you sell your sketches to other manufacturers, build your ship faster and fly away.a spokesman for Lockbit wrote on the group’s dark web blog.

Judging by the hackers’ message, Maximum Industries will not pay the extortionists. Although burglars are confident they can easily sell the stolen blueprints, The Register notes that these documents themselves may not be of much value as the parts still need to be manufactured and then used without raising suspicion.

The Register has reached out to SpaceX and Maximum Industries for comment, but has not yet received a response.

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