Loading Google Chrome via Microsoft Edge has become more difficult

Loading Google Chrome via Microsoft Edge has become more difficult – you now have to take a survey

In recent years, when users tried to download the Google Chrome browser using the Microsoft Edge browser, they saw small pop-ups asking them to continue using the software giant’s app. Now Microsoft is going one step further and adding a survey to the Chrome download page to find out why the user wants to switch browsers.

    Image source: PC World

Image source: PC World

The survey does not replace the pop-ups you may have seen before, but rather complements them. It opens from the Edge Action Center and takes up almost a quarter of the browser’s workspace. The window asks the user why they want to switch browsers and offers eight possible answers, including “I can’t access my Google Docs” and even “Too many ads and pop-ups.”

Although Edge ships with every copy of Windows 10 and Windows 11, its active user base is still small. According to Likeweb, Edge currently has a global share of 5.41%, while Chrome holds a whopping 60.47% of the browser market. At the same time, the share of the Apple Safari browser is 26.55%. Microsoft has done a good job of regularly adding new features to Edge, including the recent integration with AI assistant Copilot. But it doesn’t seem to be enough to compete with Chrome.


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