Linux share of desktop PCs reaches record 3 it

Linux share of desktop PCs reaches record 3% – it took 30 years

Despite some advantages of Linux over Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows, this system is not widely used on PCs. After a long 30 years since entering the market, its share is loud StatCounterin June it reached 3% here and that is a record value.

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As expected, Windows took first place in the segment of operating systems for PCs with a share of 68.15%; second is macOS with 21.38%; In third place is ChromeOS with 4.15%, and the operating system of the Linux family is used on 3.08% of PCs. And another 3.24% of computers are running FreeBSD or unknown operating systems, either very new or very old versions of popular platforms. The dynamics in the five-year context are curious. Linux’s share has doubled since 2018, when it was just 1.64%. Apple macOS increased it from 12.33% to 21.38% over the same period. And Windows’ share at the time was 82%.

Although Linux is almost never used on desktop PCs, it dominates the server, supercomputer, IoT and embedded computer segments. Given the security, versatility and open source of the platform, it is easier for manufacturers to implement innovative solutions. In the desktop and laptop segment, however, these advantages are not so important – users prefer Windows and macOS, which they are more familiar with. Linux continues to increase its share, but it’s not yet clear how it will play out in the future. Perhaps Steam Deck will serve its purpose and even gamers will be interested in Linux. But for now, it’s just a niche platform.

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