Linux 518 adds support for Intel Thread Director to manage

Linux 5.18 adds support for Intel Thread Director to manage Alder Lake’s hybrid architecture

The Linux operating system gets support for the Intel Thread Director Scheduler, which is responsible for managing the hybrid architecture of the Alder Lake processors. The portal reports Phoronix. The feature is expected to be implemented in Linux update 5.18, which should see the light of day this spring.

Image source: Intel

Image source: Intel

As you know, the key feature of Intel Alder Lake processors is their hybrid architecture of large, high-performance Golden Cove cores (P-Cores) and small, energy-efficient Gracemont cores (E-Cores). The load between them is distributed depending on specific tasks, which in general allows you to reduce system power consumption and increase performance when necessary. When performing simple tasks, E-cores are involved in the work, and when performing tasks that require more processing power, large P-cores are involved. These cores are managed by the Intel Thread Director scheduler. The problem is that it only works on Windows operating systems.

The new version of Linux 5.18, expected this spring, will include the Intel Enhanced Hardware Feedback Interface (EHFI). Its presence will allow the OS to more intelligently distribute the load between threads and use P-Cores and E-Cores for their intended purpose. In fact, EHFI is the same Intel Thread Director scheduler.

According to PhoronixA stable version of Linux 5.18 should appear around the second half of May.



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