Linus Tech Tips and other tech YouTube channels hacked by

Linus Tech Tips and other tech YouTube channels hacked by cryptocurrency scammers

Cryptocurrency scammers have hacked several popular tech YouTube channels owned by well-known blogger Linus Sebastian’s Linus Media Group. Hackers hacked the main Linus Tech Tips channel, which has 15.3 million subscribers, as well as TechQuickie and TechLinked, and displayed fake cryptocurrency videos with phishing links.

The attackers launched two live broadcasts about the cryptocurrency on the Linus Tech Tips channel, urging viewers to follow the link, ostensibly to receive free bitcoins. Simultaneously, scammers used Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey to talk about cryptocurrency in a video. Similar broadcasts were launched on other hacked channels, and the channels themselves were renamed Tesla.

The owner of the channels mentioned, Linus Sebastian, confirmed the hacking attack, but did not provide any information about this incident. The account associated with these channels has been suspended by the service administrators. The channels themselves are also currently unavailable. Sebastian said that Google is already investigating the situation to find out how the hack happened and will also help restore access.

The current attack on Linus Tech channels was the latest in a series of similar incidents, with hackers hacking into the accounts of popular bloggers and celebrities to implement deceptive cryptocurrency schemes. According to the source, hackers have been conducting attacks against popular YouTube bloggers for several months. Attackers allegedly contact bloggers on behalf of potential sponsors and offer collaborations. During the communication, bloggers are asked to download a file that claims to be associated with a sponsored program, but this is actually how malicious software is delivered to the victim’s device. With its help, scammers intercept cookies, get the opportunity to remotely control the victim’s computer, and also hack YouTube accounts.


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