Liminal indie horror The Exit 8 sends players into an

Liminal indie horror The Exit 8 sends players into an endless underground passage of the Japanese subway

portal Chronicle of Video Games I noticed that Japanese indie horror The Exit 8 (8番出口) from studio Kotake Create, inspired by the aesthetics of liminal space, is preparing to release on Steam.

    Image source: Steam

Image source: Steam

The events of The Exit 8 will take place in the Japanese subway. The main character is locked in an endless (almost) empty underground passage, from which, according to the plot, you have to get out at any cost.

As you progress, elements of the transition begin to repeat themselves – just like in the case of the corridor from PT (an interactive teaser for the canceled series Silent Hills) – right up to the man walking past the player with a briefcase .

According to the description of The Exit 8 on Steam, users will definitely need to explore the environment in order to get out of the menacing loop and find the same exit number 8 “Anomalies”.

Output 8 is positioned by the developer as “a short walking simulator”inspired by Japanese underground passages, liminal spaces and back rooms.

Border spaces refer to uncanny and often surreal transitional spaces (e.g. unnaturally empty, busy spaces). The backstage (an endless maze of randomly selected rooms) is its primary manifestation.

The Exit 8 is expected to release exclusively on Steam later in November. The developer promises 15-30 minutes of playing time. Only Japanese and English are listed as supported languages.

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