Like Morrowind but with the depth of Skyrim The retro

“Like Morrowind, but with the depth of Skyrim”: The retro RPG Dread Delusion has received an update with new content and a continuation of the story

Retro RPG Dread Delusion, lead developer James Wragg from Lovely Hellplace released the eighth video diary, in which he talked about new content and improvements to the combat system.

    Image source: Lovely Hellplace

Image source: Lovely Hellplace

Dread Delusion is a first-person role-playing action game developed in the spirit of projects for the PlayStation 1. In it, the player travels through the open world of the flying islands, to which mankind has moved from the cursed surface of the earth. makes decisions that affect the future of these places, fights, communicates with NPCs, trades and develops skills.

With the latest update, the main questline, although limited to the first island, has been expanded. A suspicious visitor has appeared at the Wobbly Noggin Inn – Jack Basil, one of the Dark Star’s mercenaries. This is one of the many characters to watch out for in order to track down Vela Callose, the organization’s leader and the Apostatic Union’s most wanted criminal.

It becomes more difficult to find another important NPC, a mercenary in the armor of a long-gone Emberian civilization. According to the authors, in the update they put an emphasis on everything related to this mysterious ancient race. Players will also visit the bandit-controlled town of Rustburg and see the updated interior of the flagship Dark Star, with a new living area where all of the player’s companions will spawn.

Finally, the creators greatly improved combat animations, enemy AI, accelerated stamina regeneration, and a new throwable weapon that can be poisoned. This team was supported by third-party developers, including the author of Lost in Vivo and Lunacid Akuma Kira (Akuma Kira).

Dread Delusion is available in Early Access steam in June 2022. The game currently features two islands, a skill and status development system, a quest system, and the basics of alchemy and blacksmithing. In the future, the developers will add more islands, locations, types of weapons and equipment, a building construction system, continue the main questline, and improve enemy AI. The game is currently only available in English.

The game received nearly 500 reviews on the site, based on which its rating is 93%. Buyers compare it to The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Arx Fatalis, Gothic II, King’s Field and other classic RPGs, noting the nostalgic atmosphere and well-integrated modern elements. “Looks like Morrowind but has the depth of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”noticed Rosenstern user.

The final version should appear by March of this year at the latest.


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