Like Frostpunk but at sea The Pale Beyonds arctic survival

Like Frostpunk, but at sea: The Pale Beyond’s arctic survival adventure set in the frozen wastes gets a release date

Developer by Irish studio Bellular with support from Fellow Traveler announced Release date for their debut game, survival adventure The Pale Beyond. The announcement was accompanied by a gameplay trailer.

    Image Source: Fellow Traveler

Image Source: Fellow Traveler

According to the plot, the expedition on the Temperance ship follows the route of its predecessors on the Viscount ship, which set out through the White Passage five years ago in search of the South Magnetic Pole and disappeared into the ice.

Players must maintain the morale of the expedition members, provide safety, warmth and food for the team members (24 in total) and the sled dogs (there will be 12). media compare The Pale Beyond with Frostpunk strategy.

They promise an exciting and dangerous journey through “breathtaking and ruthless scenery”where every decision counts (even for the plot), and an original soundtrack with accordion solos and sea songs.

It has been announced that The Pale Beyond will be available for PC on February 24th (steam, GOG, Epic game store). A demo is available for review on the Valve service. The description is in English only.

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