Lian Li launches Uni Fan SL Infinity 120 modular fans

Lian Li launches Uni Fan SL Infinity 120 modular fans with ARGB lighting

Lian Li has announced Uni Fan SL Infinity 120 fans with an eye-catching appearance, designed for use in gaming desktops.

    Image Credit: Lian Li

Image Credit: Lian Li

The products received Infinity Mirror design and multi-color addressable ARGB backlight. A total of 40 LEDs are involved. lighting covers the impeller; In addition, there are LED strips in the housing. You can customize and sync effects with a dedicated controller or via a compatible motherboard. The products are available in white and black color options.

The fans are 120mm in diameter and 25mm thick. The speed is regulated in the range from 200 to 2100 revolutions per minute using pulse width modulation (PWM). The start/stop fan function allows coolers to stop completely under light loads.

The air flow generated reaches 104 cubic meters per hour, the static pressure is 2.66 mm water column. The specified noise level does not exceed 29 dBA.

The fans have a modular design. They can be combined into clusters of up to four with a single cable connection.

The Uni Fan SL Infinity 120 is priced around $30. A set of three with a controller costs $100.


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