Lian Li introduced the 500 flagship V3000 Plus case it

Lian-Li introduced the $500 flagship V3000 Plus case – it can build two PCs

Lian-Li introduced the V3000 Plus computer case. The novelty is a significantly updated version of the flagship model PC-V3000, released by the manufacturer in 2017. The key feature of the V3000 Plus model is the support of three usage configurations, including the ability to build two PCs in one chassis at the same time.

    Image Credit: Lian-Li

Image Credit: Lian-Li

In the standard configuration, the case allows the use of mainboards up to the form factors E-ATX and EEB, supports the installation of up to three coolant radiators up to 480 mm in size and up to 16 different drives in the sizes 2.5 and 2.5 inches 3.5 inches. In addition, up to 16 additional fans can be used in this configuration.

The second use case involves installing a motherboard of the same format but rotated 90 degrees (see below). The completely removable mainboard tray also contributes to this. In this form, up to three 480 mm coolant radiators can also be installed in the V3000 Plus. The graphics card is installed in a vertical position in this case configuration.

In a dual PC configuration, motherboards up to EEB format can be installed in the main (top) part of the case. An additional computer system within the V3000 Plus can be mounted on a Mini-ITX form factor board. In this mode, the case allows the installation of up to 11 fans with a diameter of 120 mm, up to two water coolers with a size of 480 mm (front and top), as well as an additional liquid cooler with a size of up to 280 mm above the PSU bay.

The novelty allows the use of two power supplies. In the main compartment, the length of the power supply can be up to 220 mm, in the lower compartment, intended for the second system, a compact power supply in SFX and SFX-L format can be installed.

In the standard configuration, the Lian-Li V3000 Plus case supports the installation of graphics cards with a length of up to 589 mm. When using a motherboard rotated 90 degrees, graphics cards up to a length of 358 mm can be used. Speed-bars up to 320mm in length can be used for the secondary system. The novelty also supports the installation of CPU coolers up to 198mm (for the upper bay) and up to 80mm (for the lower bay) and has 8 expansion slots for the main bay and three additional expansion slots for the secondary system on the bottom .

The case dimensions of the Lian-Li V3000 Plus are 678.5 × 279 × 674 mm. The company also offers additional accessories in the form of an additional basket for quickly installing four SSDs or HDDs and a PCIe 4.0 riser adapter for vertically installing a graphics card in the upper and lower bay.

The manufacturer states that the V3000 Plus will be available in black and white. The first can be pre-ordered today. It was estimated at $500. The white version will be presented in January next year. The company priced an additional removable drive cage for $15, a top bay riser for $60, and a bottom bay riser for $50.


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