LG Energy Solution will master the production of prismatic traction

LG Energy Solution will master the production of prismatic traction batteries for electric vehicles

Historically, various manufacturers of lithium batteries have specialized in certain cell designs. When enlarged, they could be divided into cylindrical, prismatic and batch-wise. LG Energy Solution expects to dominate the production of prismatic batteries and be the first Korean company to offer all three types of batteries.

Image source: Panasonic

Image source: Panasonic

As mentioned Business KoreaThe company announced this week that LG Energy Solution has the technological capabilities to manufacture prismatic lithium batteries. In fact, this Korean manufacturer already has experience making small prismatic batteries and this was only after moving to a larger standard size. The company is considering developing prismatic batteries to meet the needs of various customers.

Samsung SDI traditionally makes prismatic and cylindrical batteries. So far, SK On has focused on packaged batteries, but also wants to master the production of prismatic batteries. Volkswagen, which has ambitions to soon oust Tesla as the largest electric vehicle manufacturer, expects to convert up to 80% of the batteries used in its electric vehicles to prismatic power by 2030.

The largest supplier of prismatic batteries is now the Chinese company CATL. The Japanese company Panasonic also offers both cylindrical and prismatic batteries: If it supplies the former for Tesla’s needs, the latter are often used by Toyota. With LG Energy Solution and SK When entering this market segment, customers have more choice.

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