LG Energy Solution intends to standardize the production of its

LG Energy Solution intends to standardize the production of its batteries

South Korea’s LG Energy Solution (LGES) intends to standardize the production of its batteries, with the ambitious goal of establishing standalone lines for the production of traction batteries. This publication reports the electr.

    Image source: CHUTTERSNAP/unsplash.com

Image source: CHUTTERSNAP/unsplash.com

The project was initiated by LGES top managers. So far, the company has largely relied on the experience of ordinary people to manufacture products. As a result, the productivity of labor and the percentage of rejects depended largely on the qualities of a particular engineer operating the assembly lines and varied greatly from batch to batch.

Now according to sources the electrthe company’s management wants to provide the same level of control over the manufacturing process that is found in the production of semiconductors and display panels.

According to the publication, in recent years chip and scoreboard production has employed fewer operators, using automated, increasingly efficient systems with increased productivity.

LGES, which already has the so-called “yield” of 90% in the production of traction batteries, expects that the standardization of technological processes will accelerate the growth of indicators and further reduce the reject rate.

In addition to thematic meetings of top managers, the company is conducting research on the topic at its production sites around the world, including lines in Michigan and Ohio in the USA as well as Nanjing in China and Wroclaw in Poland – this is expected to take time.

The company previously announced its intention to triple traction battery sales over the next five years.

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