Lenovo is preparing a handheld game console Legion Go

Lenovo is preparing a handheld game console Legion Go

Lenovo is planning to launch a Legion Go portable game console with Ryzen Z1 APU. The novelty will appear against the background of growing interest in portable game consoles such as Valve’s Steam Deck and ASUS ROG Ally.

    Image Source: Windows Report

Image Source: Windows Report

After much speculation and leaks, the first images of Lenovo’s gaming console have finally been made public. Although Lenovo has experimented with various prototypes, it hasn’t released anything that could be described as a high-end portable device.

Interestingly, the Legion Go gaming console will use the Ryzen Z1 APU chip, which was previously thought to be exclusive to ASUS ROG Ally systems. However, it is not yet clear whether this is the Z1 Extreme version or the basic version of the Z1, since the characteristics of these processors are very different.

One of the key features of this hybrid chip that uses Phoenix Zen4 cores and RDNA3 graphics are power management features. This is especially important for portable devices and makes Legion Go a direct competitor to Steam Deck.

Legion Go can be compared to a hybrid combining elements of ROG Ally and Steam Deck. The console gets touch panels similar to those built into the Steam Deck. Similar to the Nintendo Switch, controllers can be detached from the console. They are equipped with additional buttons on the back and a scroll wheel. There is also a dedicated FPS mode toggle. The console will feature an 8-inch screen.

At the same time, Lenovo is developing a new product for the Legion series – AR glasses. They will appear at the same time as Legion Go. These goggles are similar to the Glasses T1 launched last year. Their main goal is to provide users with a personal virtual display on the go.

The exact release date of Legion Go has not yet been announced, but the presence of images suggests that the release is not far away.

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