Lego will triple its programming staff and increase its presence

Lego will triple its programming staff and increase its presence in the digital world

The Lego Company has decided to strengthen its online presence by increasing its investment in digital technology and tripling its programming workforce. This decision was not easy for the manufacturer – the virtual space was seen as a direct competitor to plastic toys.

    Image source: Matthias Wewering /

Image source: Matthias Wewering /

Lego CEO Niels Christiansen said the Danish company will increase its investment in software development to hundreds of millions of dollars and that physical toys and digital products will no longer be viewed as separate offerings. In April, Lego opened a digital development center in Copenhagen, the company’s third after London and Shanghai. By the end of 2023, Lego will hire 1,800 programmers at three locations, including 400 in Copenhagen.

The company recovered from the 2003 crisis with a quarter increase in sales and a third increase in profit. At the same time, the development of games under the Lego brand was transferred to partners. Now, together with Epic, the company’s largest digital project is being developed, there is talk of a “metaverse for children”, which is to be launched next year. The idea of ​​the project is to offer young users a safe digital world aimed at them.

Lego, of course, will not refuse retail – 165 new stores were opened last year, and their total number reached about 830, and another 150 will appear in 2022. Sales of the company’s products have increased with the pandemic, but it’s time to rebuild. The head of Lego allowed workers to digitize and adapt to new conditions through “trial and error”, recognizing that perfection cannot be achieved instantly.


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