Leak Unity has prepared several big changes to the controversial

Leak: Unity has prepared several big changes to the controversial business model, but is still shying away from announcing them

No sooner had the manufacturer of the Unity engine announced that it would be making changes to its scandalous Unity runtime fee commission than the portal Bloomberg explains exactly what developers should expect.

    Cuphead (Image source: RonyHood on Steam)

Cuphead (Image source: RonyHood on Steam)

We would like to remind you that from January 1, 2024, Unity will start charging developers for each installation of the game once a certain threshold is exceeded. The reaction to the new policy was extremely negative.

According to Bloomberg, at a general meeting on September 18, Unity management announced to employees a preliminary list of changes to the new business model:

  • For consumers with income over $1 million, the commission is capped at 4% of gaming revenue.
  • Counting installs will not begin until January 1, 2024 – the game will not be able to reach the thresholds before the new policy takes effect;
  • The developers themselves will count the installations and report on their number – previously the company had planned to collect information using its own tools.

According to Marc Whitten, president of Unity Create Solutions, the changes have not yet been publicly announced to avoid repetition “Communications fiasco” they are still being discussed with partners.

    Richitello (Image source: Bloomberg)

Richitello (Image source: Bloomberg)

At the meeting, Unity CEO John Riccitiello emphasized that the new policy is aimed at increasing revenue for its largest customers and that it will not impact 90% of developers.

Staff at the meeting also asked questions about how Unity can regain consumer trust. Management promises to talk more than do and to be more careful in future communications.

“I don’t think there is a scenario in which this situation would develop radically differently. This is a huge transformation of our business model. But I think we could have done a lot better on a lot of things.”Richitello said.


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