Leak Two possible release dates for A Plague Tale Requiem

Leak: Two possible release dates for A Plague Tale: Requiem and a list of achievements appeared on the web at the same time

Conflicting information on the release date of the medieval action-adventure A Plague Tale: Requiem by French studio Asobo has surfaced on the Microsoft Store website and the PlayStation Store database.

Image source: Focus Entertainment

Image source: Focus Entertainment

Recall that A Plague Tale: Requiem was presented in June 2021 at the digital fair E3 2021 and officially announced for 2022. Apparently the wait for the game is not that long.

According to the A Plague Tale: Requiem page Microsoft store, the release of the project is scheduled for June 17th. If you believe PlayStation Store databasethe premiere will take place a month earlier – on April 17.

In 2022, June 17 falls on a Friday (a typical day for major game releases), but the Microsoft Store date is 2021. Information from the PS Store database is often used as a stub.

Image source: Microsoft Store

Image source: Microsoft Store

Also, thanks to the blogger PowerPyx, who specializes in cataloging achievements in video games, a list of trophies from A Plague Tale: Requiem (it was obtained from GOG servers) has leaked onto the internet.

The list contains 36 rewards, including 17 story rewards (16 chapters + for full completion), for collecting collectibles, upgrading gear and traits, crafting, and several situational rewards.

A Plague Tale: Requiem is being made for PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and Nintendo Switch (cloud format). In the story, Amicia and Hugo go south to start a new life and help the boy curb the birth curse.


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