Leak In Forge Halo Infinite can create an analogue of

Leak: In Forge, Halo Infinite can create an analogue of Half-Life 2’s Gravity Gun

The Forge, which allows players to create their own modes using a variety of tools and scenarios, should be coming to Halo Infinite later this year. However, now online scattered “Forge” shots demonstrating the flexibility of weapon mods in a shooter.

    Image source: Xbox Game Studios

Image source: Xbox Game Studios

The Forge tools allow users to effectively transfer the effects of one weapon to another. For example giving Cindershot fire missiles or letting the gravity hammer hit like a power sword. In the leaked video (can be viewed in Twitter) you can also see a weapon that works like a gravity cannon from Half-Life 2.

343 Industries is currently testing Forge behind closed doors with a small group from the content creator community. Forge will appear in Halo Infinite Season 3. But since it’s been more than six months from season one to season two, that theoretically means The Forge won’t be out until the end of the year.

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