Leak Alan Wake II data miners have revealed an alternate

Leak: Alan Wake II data miners have revealed an alternate ending and new intersections with Control being prepared for the DLC

The horror game Alan Wake II barely managed to hit digital stores, and data miners have already unearthed preparations for an alternative ending and content for one of the future additions in the game files.

    Image source: Remedy Entertainment

Image source: Remedy Entertainment

The source of the leak was the 4chan imageboard. Information from this location is typically not trustworthy, but in this case the words were supported by video evidence.

The videos themselves should be avoided spoiler We will not attach the material – from the forum Reddit, where they were available for download, they have already been removed. The makers of Alan Wake II have probably started to combat the leak.

The leak suggests that the secret ending is being prepared for the “New Game +” mode, which is not yet available in Alan Wake II (alternate story content has been announced for it) and will bring significant changes to the main ending.

As for addons, we will talk about the second addition to Alan Wake II – “Lakehouse”. The game is linked even more closely to the unified Remedy universe and another well-known character from Control is introduced into the plot.

In addition to a possible alternate ending, Alan Wake II’s New Game+ will include a Nightmare difficulty setting, new manuscript pages, and additional video content.

Alan Wake II was released on October 27th on PC (Epic Games Store), PS5, Xbox Series 2024.

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