League of Legends will soon turn off general chat to combat toxic player behavior

Riot Games will soon be making a significant change to League of Legends in an effort to reduce toxicity in its MOBA. Simultaneously with the release of patch 11.21, the general chat (/ all) will be disabled in all matchmaking queues.

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“The general chat allowed players from different teams to exchange witty messages and also good-naturedly poke fun at each other, but now the communication has become mostly negative.”, – says in official communication on the League of Legends website.

Again, we are talking only about the general chat. Opponents will continue to hear, see the emotions and skill of the champions. Participants of both teams will be able to conduct conversations in the post-game lobby, and allies will still be able to coordinate actions in the team chat.

“We know that verbal abuse can happen in team chat as well, so turning off the general won’t solve the whole problem. But team chat is necessary for coordination, so its value is much higher – and the pros outweigh the cons. “, – noted the developers.

Riot Games is confident that the innovation will benefit the game and help reduce toxic behavior in League of Legends. Patch 11.21 is scheduled for release on October 20.

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