League of Legends Overwatch and Destiny writers revealed the concepts

League of Legends, Overwatch and Destiny writers revealed the concepts of Loki – a team game in the wake of the ‘pop apocalypse’

The Theorycraft Games studio, which includes the developers of League of Legends, Destiny and Overwatch, has released the first concept art of its competitive project, codenamed Loki. That “inspired by the MOBA genre” Team play.

    Image Credit: Theorycraft Games

Image Credit: Theorycraft Games

Loki is described by the developers as “quirky” Game in the wake of a pop-apocalyptic fantasy world. Along with the release of images, the studio announced that it has hired former Legends of Runeterra director Andrew Yip and Arcane Animated Series artistic director Kevin Le Moigne.

The four concept arts represent an area that looks like a MOBA map from top to bottom, with roads crossing each zone. In one of the drawings, the purple tower stands on a platform in the form of a base that the team must defend. All of this is on an island floating in the sky.

In another picture, the scene is dark, with a neon sign glowing in the middle. You can see the character sitting at the counter. Like League of Legends, Loki will likely be set in a world that mixes genres and genres, from fantasy to sci-fi. It fits into the entourage named by the developers.

Loki has only been in development for a year, but Theorycraft Games has already conducted hundreds of playtests and received feedback from players.


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