Latest Windows 10 update causes blue screens of death

Latest Windows 10 update causes blue screens of death

Earlier this month, as part of the Patch Tuesday program, Microsoft released update KB5026361 for the Windows 10 operating system. The patch fixes a number of security issues, but at the same time, in some cases, disrupts the software platform. This is suggested by user posts that have appeared on the Reddit community and Microsoft support forums.

    Image source: Kleineganz/

Image source: Kleineganz/

Most of the complaints from users are due to the fact that after installing the said update, they are getting blue screens of death (BSOD) with the error code “Process1 Initialization Failed”. According to the Microsoft documentation, this error occurs when the bootcat.cache file has been corrupted or changed in size since the last time the operating system was started. The error description recommends that users use a boot disk to overwrite the bootcat.cache file.

This error was originally specific to Windows 7, so it’s hard to say if it can be fixed in the same way on Windows 10. According to user reports, using the Windows 10 installation image to manually start the AMD RAID driver from the command line and then boot repair actually solves the problem. BSOD.

Additionally, KB5026361 can cause other issues including error 0x800f0922 when trying to install an update and spontaneous device reboots. Microsoft has not yet confirmed the existence of the problem, so it is still too early to talk about releasing a patch to solve the problem. Probably the developers are currently studying user reviews.


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