Last year AMD managed to increase its market share in

Last year, AMD managed to increase its market share in server processors from 12% to 20%.

Sales of providers of central processors for server applications acc counterpoint researchoverall declined 4.4% last year, but developers of server processors with alternative x86 architectures were able to make $1 billion combined for the first time. AMD also increased its market share from 11.74% to 19.84%.

    Image source: AMD

Image source: AMD

According to analysts, AMD was marked by a significant increase in revenue from the sale of processors for data centers, immediately by 62%. Competitor Intel showed negative dynamics in all directions. First, revenue from the sale of processors for the data center fell 16% compared to 2021. Second, Intel’s market share fell from 80.71% to 70.77%. While Amazon’s AWS division accounted for just 1.82% of the server processor market the year before last, it rose to 3.16% last year. A further 1.52% of the market was occupied by Ampere at the end of 2022, all other providers were content with 4.71% of the market. By the way, among them is the Chinese giant Alibaba, which supplies central units of the Yitian brand. NVIDIA’s Arm-compatible Grace series processors begin shipping this half of the year, so alternative solutions will continue to grow.

    Image source: Counterpoint Research

Image source: Counterpoint Research

According to the authors of the study, the expansion of AMD products in the server segment last year was mainly due to the EPYC processors of the Milan generation. At the same time, based on the growth dynamics of TSMC orders for the production of 4nm and 5nm products, it can be estimated that the current generation of server processors was also produced in large quantities. According to the source, profile orders have increased by 85% over the past year.

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