Larian has released the second major patch for Baldurs Gate

Larian has released the second major patch for Baldur’s Gate 3 within a week – it should significantly improve performance

Almost a week since the release of the first major patch for Baldur’s Gate 3, a fantasy role-playing game from Larian Studios receive the second, no less significant update.

    Image Credit: Larian Studios

Image Credit: Larian Studios

In addition to fixing bugs, the second patch brought “Significant performance improvements”an additional ending to the Karlach arc (and new scenes in Acts 1 and 2), new features and elements.

List of the most important innovations:

  • it became possible to remove the joined cooperation partner from the session;
  • Added new equipped item icons and item rarity filters;
  • The level up animation can now be skipped.
  • the options menu in general and the key bindings in particular have become more intuitive;
  • Implemented numerous improvements to game play with the controller.

As for the performance improvements, Larian has prepared a whole list of changes here:

  • improved performance and optimization throughout the game;
  • improved mini-map performance;
  • improved performance when playing with a controller (including when traveling around the world);
  • increased processor utilization efficiency;
  • reduced size of backup files;
  • Significantly accelerated loading of savegames created in old patches;
  • Tooltips now appear with a slight delay (200ms) which improves performance;
  • Fixed memory leaks when opening inventory with a connected controller and when streaming textures;
  • Made changes to improve overall image quality (e.g. when using TAA antialiasing).

In particular, in the third act of Baldur’s Gate 3, these measures should benefit performance, as the PC is subjected to an additional load that leads to slow game performance.

Promised in-campaign skin change, support for AMD FSR 2 scaling and bug fixes “extremely, extremely stupid bug”blocking about 1500 Mintara replicas will arrive later.

Baldur’s Gate 3 left Early Access on August 3 on PC (Steam, GOG), will be released on September 6 on macOS and PS5 and will appear on Xbox Series X and S at the end of November. In the future, the developers want to reduce the minimum system requirements of the game.

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