LAPSUS hackers hacked Vodafones servers they had previously hacked

LAPSUS$ hackers hacked Vodafone’s servers – they had previously hacked NVIDIA, Samsung and Microsoft

Another victim of the LAPSUS$ hacker group was British mobile operator Vodafone, reports CNBC. The attackers claim to have stolen around 200 GB of data. The stolen information is basically the source code of Vodafone’s software developments. The data was hosted in 5,000 GitHub repositories.

Image Source: Jason Alden/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Image Source: Jason Alden/Bloomberg/Getty Images

In addition to the Vodafone sources, the attackers also stole the source code and databases of the Portuguese media group Impresa and the sources of the e-commerce companies MercadoLibre and MercadoPago. The hackers had previously conducted a survey on their Telegram channel as to which sources they should make public at all. As of press time on CNBC, Vodafone reportedly won 56% of the vote by a remarkable margin.

“We are investigating the allegations made by the perpetrators in cooperation with law enforcement and are not prepared to comment on the accuracy of these allegations at this time.”– Representatives from Vodafone commented on CNBC.

Company officials also pointed out to the publication that only proprietary source code was released in these repositories. This information does not include user data. Such a statement actually confirms the reality of the cyber attack that took place.

This isn’t the first time Vodafone has been targeted by hackers. In February this year, the Portuguese division was subjected to a severe cyber attack that paralyzed a significant part of the services in the country. 4G/5G networks and TV stations were also affected. Then the company also noted that user data was unaffected by the hack.

Note that LAPSU$ has become perhaps the most successful hacking group in 2022. Previously they were known for hacking NVIDIA and Samsung systems and recently they were revealed to have hacked Microsoft. In addition, the attackers have compromised many smaller companies.


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