Kojimas new horror will blur the lines between games and

Kojima’s new horror “will blur the lines between games and movies” – first OD teaser

Studio Kojima Productions and game designer Hideo Kojima at The Game Awards 2023 demonstrated the first teaser of its joint game with Xbox on Microsoft cloud technologies, confirmed last summer.

    Image source: Kojima Productions

Image source: Kojima Productions

As it became known, the project is called OD (the title Overdose appeared in rumors) and is a horror film “explores the idea of ​​testing your fear threshold and what it means to overdose on fear, blurring the lines between games and movies”.

According to Kojima, OD represents “an extremely unique, atmospheric and completely new style of play – or rather a new form of creativity”. What that means is still unclear.

In a teaser released to mark the announcement, the digital avatars of Sophia Lillis and Udo Kier read a phonetic pangram about it “hungry purple dinosaur” and react to it someone’s Look.

Hunter Schafer is also part of the teaser’s cast, although she isn’t in the picture. The three artists listed above got lead roles in OD. It is unclear who exactly they will play against.

    Udo Kier

Udo Kier

The press release also clarifies that Kojima’s studio is working with film director Jordan Peele, who directed the horror films “Get Out”, “Us” and “Nope”, to create the OD.

Release dates and target OD platforms were not specified. In addition to the cloud horror, Kojima Productions is also developing Death Stranding 2 for PS5 – a sequel to the courier action game Death Stranding.

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