Kojima told in what direction he wants to develop his games

Hideo Kojima, renowned game designer and creator of Metal Gear, in an interview with a Japanese magazine Anan told in what direction he wants to develop his games in the future.

Image Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

In particular, Kojima expressed interest in creating projects that do not lose their meaning after the first playthrough. The developer wants to submit his creations as “Playgrounds” for different types of people.

“I want to create a game that changes in real time. Despite the difference in age and profession, everyone plays the same game the same way. I want the game to change depending on the place of residence and the unique point of view of the person. “, – quotes the words of Kojima portal Siliconera

The main character Boktai's weapon was charged with real sunlight. (Image Source: Konami)

The main character Boktai’s weapon was charged with real sunlight (Image Source: Konami)

As an example of such a project, Kojima cited the action-adventure role-playing action Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand for the Game Boy Advance, on which he worked as part of the Japanese publishing house Konami.

Boktai used a cartridge that measures the light level: “Since you defeated vampires with sunlight, [Boktai] changed based on your location. These kinds of functions connect human-made systems with real life. “

Image source: Anan

Image source: Anan

V August tweet on the occasion of his 58th birthday, Kojima mentioned that he will continue to strive for creativity until his mind has spent all of his creative potential.

Officially, Kojima Productions, Kojima’s studio, is currently preparing to launch a director’s cut of its experimental action game Death Stranding, and is rumored to be in talks about a sequel and an unknown Xbox game.


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