Khronos Group announces Vulkan 13 API specification

Khronos Group announces Vulkan 1.3 API specification

The Khronos Group consortium has officially presented an updated version of Vulkan 1.3 API, cross-platform tools for working with 2D and 3D graphics. They contain extensions created by both the developer community and consortium companies. To solve the compatibility problem, it is also suggested to create and maintain a project roadmap.

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The feature list in Vulkan 1.3 includes a carefully selected set of extensions that were requested and created by the developer community, and then added to the spec base. This includes dynamic rendering, an improved synchronization API and many other features. It is emphasized that unlike previous versions, Vulkan 1.3 innovations are not optional, which means that they will be available in all API implementations.

Compatibility issues are now given special attention: to solve them, a roadmap program is launched, the first stage of which is the installation of Vulkan Roadmap 2022. Consortium members, which produce chips for smartphones, tablets, laptops, consoles and PCs, have already announced their intention to implement support for these solutions in their products in the current year.

AMD has announced support for the new specification for Radeon RX Vega series graphics cards, as well as RDNA-based graphics already implemented in the beta version of the new Radeon Software Developer Drivers, due to be released in the coming months. Arm, Google Stadia, Imagination Technologies and NVIDIA also confirmed support for Vulkan 1.3. An NVIDIA representative stressed that the company implements API work in software tools for Windows 10 and 11 systems, the most popular Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Kylin and RHEL), as well as its own Jetson embedded platform.



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