Kerbal Space Program Creator Announces Kitbash Model Club RC

Kerbal Space Program Creator Announces Kitbash Model Club – RC Model Building Simulator With A Difficult Story

Curve Games and Floating Origin Interactive, founded by Felipe Falanghe, creator of the Kerbal Space Program, announced Kitbash Model Club is a remote control model building simulator.

    Image source: Curve Games

Image source: Curve Games

Remember, Phalanx left Squad studio in 2016, about five years after the first public gathering of the Kerbal Space Program. The developer then founded Floating Origin Interactive and began work on the Balsa Model Flight Simulator.

Balsa Model Flight Simulator is available in Early Access steam in autumn 2021 and was a game about assembling model airplanes from balsa wood – a childhood hobby of the Phalanx. She has never seen a full release.

Frustrated with the Early Access format and people’s knowledge of balsa models, Falange decided to broaden the scope of the game and ditch the focus on certain material. Thus the Kitbash Model Club was born.

Kitbash Model Club events are held on Wirraway Island, where users are offered to collect remote control cars, rockets, planes, boats: frames, wings, engines, batteries, paintball guns, smoke generators and much more.

They promise cutting-edge physics, an advanced aerodynamic system, limitless customization, Wirraway’s colorful landscapes, a modding platform, and four game modes.

Difficult but exciting “career”, “sandbox” with free travel around the island on your creations, PvP and PvE multiplayer, as well as a scenario editor to create your own tasks and goals.

“I’ve always been fascinated by radio-controlled models. I spent hours building balsa wood models and inventing things. Building questionably constructed contraptions is mine.”accepted Phalanx.

Kitbash Model Club is expected to arrive on PC in the second half of this year (steam). Phalanx’s plan is to drop the Early Access format, release a full version, and then add updates to it.

For those who bought Balsa Model Flight Simulator, Phalanx good news: “Balsa has evolved and changed its name, just like Pokemon. The new version is bigger and better. Anyone who already owns Balsa will automatically receive Kitbash.”.

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