Kaspersky Lab warned of a rapid increase in the number

Kaspersky Lab warned of a rapid increase in the number of fraudulent websites offering investments in commodity companies

Kaspersky Lab noted an increase in the activity of scammers offering to make money from trading goods. According to the company, in July-August alone, the number of website URLs identified by the lab’s solutions offering to make money from investments in such projects increased by 5.5- fold. In total, around 3,000 suspicious resources have been discovered since January.

    Image source: Jeff W/unsplash.com

Image source: Jeff W/unsplash.com

The scheme of deception is relatively simple – the design of the site mentions the names of large and well-known resource-producing companies, it is reported about opening access to investments in such companies. According to Kaspersky, the user clicks the “Consult” button and pays the so-called “commission”, but the investment opportunity is not provided.

The pages contain a lot of detailed and colorful information, including testimonials and “success stories”. The first and last names of well-known top executives are often used, allegedly encouraging investments in oil and gas companies. In some cases, it is proposed to pass the company’s test to assess the possibility of investing, after which the user will be redirected to another platform where he will lose money.

“Intruders always stalk the news agenda, and discussions about natural gas prices have not gone unnoticed. There are several ways such links reach users, but mostly via email. For example, a user receives a scam email in which attackers trick him into clicking a link under the pretense that a unique offer has appeared for him or that hot news about resource extraction investments has been published.according to Kaspersky Lab.

It is noteworthy that many of these platforms are aimed at residents of the closest foreign states – Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. The lab suggests the scammers are counting on their lack of digital and financial literacy.

This is not the only promising area of ​​activity for scammers. According to the lab, exploiting software vulnerabilities remains the most popular method for cyberattacks on corporate assets.

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