Kanye West releases another album exclusively on Stem Player

Kanye West releases another album exclusively on Stem Player

Rapper Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, announced on his Instagram that his new album Donda 2 “will only be available on my own Stem Player platform. Not on Apple Amazon Spotify or YouTube” (Retain author’s punctuation).

Image source: stemplayer.com

Image source: stemplayer.com

The musician has had previous experience releasing his works in this format and knows that exclusive content is a great way to drive high sales of electronic devices. However, he justifies his decision with it “Today, artists only get 12% of the money that the industry makes”. The album release is scheduled for February 22nd.

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The $200 stem player was released last year in partnership with Kano Computing and came with the first part of the Donda album. The owners of the gadget had the opportunity to adjust the tracks arranged in samples to their preferences and control the sound using four touch-sensitive LED sliders. The device comes with 8GB of internal storage, a USB-C port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth support and even a built-in 97dB speaker.

Despite Mr. Ye’s assurances about the exclusive format of the Donda 2 album, it’s still difficult to say how the fate of the release will unfold in the future. In February 2016, the musician released the album “The Life of Pablo” and indicated that it would be exclusively available only on Tidal Audio Streaming, but already on April 1 of the same year the “record” was immediately released on Spotify, Apple Music and Google Play, and West had to settle a lawsuit from a fan who signed up to Tidal solely because of the musician’s claims. In 2017, the rapper resigned from the service, which he says underpaid him several million dollars.



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