Justice for Mick Fans have called on id Software to

“Justice for Mick”: Fans have called on id Software to “tell the truth” and return awards to DOOM Eternal’s composer

fans of the Doom series reacted violently to a recent speech by DOOM Eternal composer Mick Gordon, in which he presented his version of the scandalous story with the soundtrack. The players demanded an explanation from the executive producer of the shooter Marty Stratton (Marty Stratton) and also demanded the return of his awards to Gordon.

    Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

On the Reddit appeared numerous subjects with words “Justice for Mick” (Justice for Mick) in the title. In one of them, which received more than 3,000 votes, users require Send Gordon the awards he received for the DOOM Eternal soundtrack. According to the composer himself, he saw awards “once only”because they are in id Software’s office and he wasn’t even allowed to go get them – Stretton took them.

“I was invited to speak at the Game Awards, but id Software didn’t offer me the awards, said Gordon. — Marty asked in and picked her up for me. I’d love to keep some of the hard work on the Doom franchise to myself, but now I doubt I’ll ever see those awards again.

AT another topic (over 1500 votes) Fans condemn Stretton’s behavior and push him “Go out and tell the truth.” “What I read in Mick Gordon’s text is terrible, — admitted its author Gonzito3420. — You better make a statement and tell it like it is or we as fans will stop trusting this company.”

At the same time, Gordon emphasized in his speech that his words – “No excuse for a hate campaign”. Spilling hate on the Internet will not lead to positive changes, it will only aggravate the situation.he remembered.

At the time of writing, id Software has made no retaliatory statements.

On November 9, Gordon released a lengthy appeal, revealing the reasons for ending his contract with id Software and responding to Stretton’s allegations from a Reddit post left in May 2020. According to the producer, the composer has repeatedly missed deadlines for sending in material, so the studio entrusted the mixing of the soundtrack to DOOM Eternal’s lead sound designer, Chad Mossholder. Stretton blamed the former composer for the mediocre result. Gordon called id Software’s allegations false — moreover, he said, the studio didn’t pay him for a significant amount of the work and subsequently offered a large sum for silence.

After her relationship with Gordon ended, id Software hired Andrew Hulshult and David Levy to work on DOOM Eternal. They composed the music for the two-part expansion The Ancient Gods.

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