Just one app is responsible for almost 50 of macOS

Just one app is responsible for almost 50% of macOS malware infections

Elastic Security Labs specialists have published the Global Threat Report 2022, which describes the most important trends in the field of information security. It turned out that the macOS platform is quite well protected against external threats and the source of almost 50% of infections of this operating system is a single application.

    Image source: Elastic

Image source: Elastic

According to the company, out of the total number of malicious programs, only 6.2% manage to bypass the protections built into macOS, compared to 54.4% and 39.4% for Windows and Linux, respectively. This is not surprising since Apple pays special attention to the security of its products and of course given the rather small market share of macOS.

The strange thing is that almost 50% of all malware gets on Mac from one source – the perfectly legitimate and well-known MacKeeper application. Elastic explains that the program is often used by attackers to harm computers because it has multiple operating system permissions, as well as access to files and processes.

Although Elastic hasn’t elaborated on the issue, MacKeeper has long had a very controversial reputation on the web. Many users report that it is very difficult to completely remove the program from a computer, a large number of Mac owners call it a “malicious antivirus”, and in 2014 a lawsuit was filed against the product’s former developers Zeobit, which claims that the application supposedly detects non-existent viruses in order to make you pay extra to remove them.

Additionally in the Elastic report that can be found herementions that trojans make up over 80% of malware across all operating systems, cryptominers 11.3% and ransomware 3.7%.

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