Judge orders ex Twitter employees unhappy with termination terms not to

Judge orders ex-Twitter employees unhappy with termination terms not to file class action lawsuits against company

Some Twitter employees who lost their jobs last year are trying to sue the company, which was acquired by Elon Musk in October. According to various estimates, extensive staff cuts affected between half and two-thirds of the workforce. The court ruled that all such disputes should be dealt with on an individual basis and not in a class action.

    Image source: Reuters, Brendan McDermid

Image source: Reuters, Brendan McDermid

If the court ruled in favor of the fired group risk workers, it would allow all victims to claim equal terms for damages. As noted Reuters, San Francisco District Judge James Donato ruled Friday that the five ex-Twitter employees seeking a class action lawsuit should file individual lawsuits against the company. According to the judge, such a decision is due to the presence of relevant clauses in contracts signed by employees when formalizing labor relations with the employer. The plaintiffs allege that Twitter management failed to properly notify them of the upcoming cuts.

Plaintiffs’ attorney Shannon Liss-Riordan said Monday that she has already filed about 300 lawsuits from the fired Twitter employees and is likely to file hundreds more of such documents. The judge ruled that the company must give them succinct and clear notice of their rights before signing a severance agreement with the fired employees, implying the plaintiff’s waiver of any further claims against Twitter. At least three lawsuits have been filed against Twitter by US regulators alleging that the company is violating workers’ rights. The latter were allegedly fired for criticizing the leadership or trying to organize a strike.


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