Judge Gives FTC Another Chance To Sue Facebook

Judge Gives FTC Another Chance To Sue Facebook

U.S. District Judge James Boasberg gave the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) another opportunity to indict Facebook (now Meta) of anticompetitive activity and illegal monopoly by denying a new social network motion to dismiss the commission’s lawsuit on Tuesday .

Image source: Pixabay

Image source: Pixabay

In June of this year, a judge granted Facebook’s motion to dismiss the FTC’s lawsuit, but at the same time gave the commission the opportunity to amend its lawsuit and resubmit it to the court. Boasberg also dismissed a similar lawsuit by the Coalition of Attorneys General, leaving no room for a retrial. However, the attorneys general announced that they would appeal this decision.

The judge found in the ruling that although the Commission’s main charges remained the same in the updated complaint, “The facts that allegedly support these theories this time around are much more reliable and detailed than before, especially with regard to the contours of the accused’s alleged monopoly.”… As a reminder, the judge’s decision on the Commission’s original complaint states that “The FTC has failed to provide enough evidence to conclusively demonstrate a necessary element of all of its claims, namely the fact that Facebook has a monopoly on the social media market.”

Boasberg said the FTC had provided enough speculative evidence to plausibly establish Facebook’s monopoly on the market “Intentionally Supported” through anti-competitive behavior, in particular through the acquisition of Instagram and WhatsApp.

He also said that FTC Chair Lina Khan’s participation in the vote to file the amended lawsuit was valid, despite Facebook’s arguments to contest it.

A spokesperson for Meta expressed confidence in the court’s decision that the company will be able to use evidence to expose the fundamental weakness of the regulator’s claims. “Our investments in Instagram and WhatsApp have made them what they are today.” – said the representative of the company.

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