Journalists tested the Sony PS VR2 VR headset huge progress

Journalists tested the Sony PS VR2 VR headset: huge progress and deep gaming immersion

Sony’s PSVR2 virtual reality headset isn’t expected to go on sale until next year at the earliest, but the Japanese manufacturer provided journalists from The Verge with a copy of the device for testing. Judging by first impressions, the next-gen headset is a notable improvement over the original PSVR in every way.

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The device received a more modern design in the spirit of the PS5 console, and the connection to the console is carried out using only one cable with a USB-C connector. The headset is equipped with dual OLED displays that offer a 110° field of view, supports 90 and 120 GHz frame rates and supports 4K HDR. Installation of external cameras is no longer required – the device monitors the movements of the owner using cameras built into the front. Updated PSVR2 Sense Sphere Controllers support touch input and now offer haptic feedback like a regular DualSense.

As reviewers from The Verge note, the device is quite comfortable to use in practice: you can adjust the strap so that the headset sits comfortably on your head, the pupillary distance is adjusted individually. The display looks great but there is sometimes a slight blurring around the edges like there was on the original PSVR. The controllers have become much more comfortable than in the first version – back then they were simple sticks with glowing balls at the ends, and they didn’t always work accurately enough. The tactile sensations of the new controllers have noticeably improved, and touch input support, as it turned out, significantly contributes to immersion in virtual worlds. They’re still far from perfect and some games have refused to work properly, but progress seems clear. And they now charge via micro-USB instead of obscenely outdated mini-USB.

Separately, journalists from The Verge noted the single-wire connection. The first generation PSVR was connected via an external module and the number of cables was too large. Also, PSVR2 doesn’t consume the user as much, although it’s usually recommended to take a break from working with virtual reality headsets to avoid developing migraines.

Several games were chosen as test subjects: Horizon Call of the Mountain, a PSVR2-optimized version of Resident Evil Village, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2 and Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge Enhanced Edition. From a technical point of view, Horizon Call of the Mountain made the best impression – it was developed specifically for PSVR2. The scale of the game is amazing, the feeling of a giant mechanical dinosaur walking right over your head, you can climb rocks has become even more impressive. Sense controllers vibrate when touched, and relatively simple actions are equally impressive: archery, being able to throw objects off a cliff, or banging a gong for no reason. Resident Evil Village creates a really spooky atmosphere, especially when the undead fall right in your face. And in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2, you can get creative by shredding zombies with a katana instead of a chainsaw.

The authors of the review come to the conclusion that the Sony PSVR2 headset is a really noticeable improvement compared to the first generation: the new device is more beautiful and comfortable, the graphics have noticeably improved, and haptic feedback has appeared. The system cannot be described as a revolution in the world of virtual reality, but the immersion in computer worlds is impressive, as is the progress made over the last six years. The manufacturer has not yet announced the price, and there is no exact date for the start of sales of the headset – all that is known is that this should happen in early 2023. However, the competitors are not asleep and Sony obviously has to hurry not to give up.


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