Journalists showed and told how the VR modification for Elden

Journalists showed and told how the VR modification for Elden Ring works

portal Upload VR has released a 16-minute gameplay video demonstrating Elden Ring, a fantasy open-world VR action role-playing game developed by modder Luke Ross.

    Image source: UploadVR

Image source: UploadVR

Of course, Elden Ring is not intended for a first-person game (and even more so in VR) by FromSoftware developers, so fighting enemies, rolling and trying to navigate quickly in this mode is not so easy.

In addition, armor regularly appears in front of the eyes in VR, and there is a clear inconsistency between the direction of the gaze and the attack. At the same time, according to the journalists, the mod allows a new look at the world of Elden Ring.

As part of the released video, the UploadVR representative managed to walk around the introductory location (after getting into the open world), encounter an optional boss, and even advance a bit in the story.

Ross didn’t limit himself to simply transferring Elden Ring to VR tracks: for example, the enthusiast added alternate third-person camera perspectives (“Closer” and “Very Close”) to improve the 3D effect without compromising the quality of the affecting gameplay.

In addition, a quick menu has appeared in the modification, which, among other things, allows you to pause Elden Ring (in the base game this is more difficult) and the so-called tourist mode (ignoring enemies and bosses The protagonist).

Ross plans to release the Elden Ring mod to his Patreon followers soon. In the past, the modder has adapted other popular games (GTA V, Red Dead Redemption 2, Cyberpunk 2077) for VR.

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