Jonsbo Introduces RGB Liquid Cooling Systems

Jonsbo has released the Shadow 240 ARGB Plus and Shadow 360 ARGB Plus liquid cooling systems with spectacular addressable backlighting. New items are focused primarily on gaming-grade computers.

Here and below images of Jonsbo

Here and below images of Jonsbo

The design includes a radiator in 240 and 360 mm formats, respectively. Two and three 120 mm fans are used. A waterblock with a pump completes the picture.

The rotational speed of the coolers reaches 1800 rpm – control is performed by the PWM method. The maximum air flow is about 120 cubic meters per hour with a noise level of up to 35.7 dBA.

Curiously, the backlight covers all the components of the new products. These are the fans, the upper part of the water block and even the connecting pipes. Perhaps this is the world’s first LSS with luminous tubes. The radiator, fan shroud and pump casing are white.

The devices can be used to cool Intel LGA1200 / 115X / 775/1366/2011 / (- 3) and AMD 754/939 / AM2 (+) / AM3 (+) / AM4 / FM1 / FM2 (+) processors. Unfortunately, it has not yet been specified when and at what price the Shadow 240 ARGB Plus and Shadow 360 ARGB Plus systems will enter the commercial market.

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