Joking aside EVE Online will have integration with Microsoft

Joking aside, EVE Online will have integration with Microsoft Excel

It’s been a joke about EVE Online for over a decade that MMORPG users play at tables. Well, it’s obsolete now. CCP Games has announced that the game will be integrated with Microsoft Excel this year.

    Image source: CCP Games

Image source: CCP Games

For this, the MMORPG developer has used the support of Microsoft. In the near future, EVE Online will have a JavaScript API that will allow you to dump in-game data into an Excel spreadsheet. The feature will have many uses: tracking economy, fleet volume, analysis of military strength and many more.

But that’s not the only news from CCP Games. The developer said that he will focus on the narrative in the next few updates. The game will have multiple storylines. According to the studio, the story will help new users of EVE Online connect to the world of “Eve” and provide the opportunity to create a “living universe of New Eden” through dynamic, player-driven events.

The developer will also implement a career program in EVE Online to help new players master their next steps in their chosen job archetype. In addition, graphics and user interface are improved, DirectX 12 support is implemented and much more.

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