Jensen Huang called the recent NVIDIA hack a wake up call

Jensen Huang called the recent NVIDIA hack a wake-up call

As part of the GTC 2022 conference, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang gave an interview and commented on the hacking of the company’s servers at the end of February – he called the incident a wake-up call. In the future, the company will implement a “zero trust” policy – all employees will be perceived as a potential security threat.

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“It was a wake-up call for us. Luckily we didn’t lose or lose any customer data [другую] confidential information. They got access to the source code, which of course we don’t like, but [не случилось] nothing that could harm us”Mr. Huang told reporters Yahoo Finance.

Earlier, hacker group Lapsus$ hacked user accounts on crypto exchanges and stole their funds. Now it has switched to big “game”: In addition to NVIDIA, Samsung, Microsoft and Okta in particular have fallen victim to the attackers. The group operates according to a pattern that is not entirely uniform: hackers do not block data on the victims’ computers, but threaten to publish them on the Internet.

In the case of NVIDIA, cybercriminals stole the source codes of the company’s software products and demanded that mining restrictions be removed from graphics cards and drivers for them converted to open-source format. Although there is no precise data on how Lapsus$ gained access to the company’s resources, Mr. Huang stressed that the greatest security threat comes from the employees themselves, whose credentials are stolen or otherwise compromised.

    Image Source: Pete Linforth /

Image Source: Pete Linforth /

Therefore, the only option for NVIDIA to protect itself from such incidents is a Zero Trust policy. That means corporate resources are inaccessible without logins, passwords, and multi-level authorization. And even after verification, security systems will continue to control the level of access to systems at different levels. Of course, for ordinary employees, these procedures will prove tedious, so artificial intelligence tools developed by the company, which can take security to a whole new level, become another means of protection.

“Now, [когда] It happened to us, discipline and rigor have skyrocketed and it’s fantastic. But in the long term, we need to ensure that our data center is fully open, fully insecure, and at the same time fully secure.”— concluded the head of NVIDIA.



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