Japanese stores start tagging PlayStation 5 boxes to ruin business for speculators

Japanese retailers are very creative in dealing with electronics resellers who profit from those who want to buy a PlayStation 5 console. Some retailers began to draw arbitrary symbols on the boxes or spoil the packaging.

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As in many regions of the world, the problem of the shortage of new consoles in Japan is exacerbated by speculators reselling consoles at large markups. Last month, retail chain Nojima Denki adopted a new policy by writing customer names on boxes of consoles as well as opening controller packaging. Now the GEO network will resort to a similar practice – it has already informed customers that it will label boxes with consoles from the inside.

Like most retailers in Japan, GEO is giving away the opportunity to buy PS5 through a lottery. The latter took place on Monday with a note that measures to combat speculators are already being applied – the buyer’s consent was required to participate. In particular, a large cross will be painted on the packaging of the DualSense controller.

These are not the first unusual measures to combat speculators in Japan. Earlier this year, one retailer banned sales to buyers suspected of speculation, created a random sales schedule, and only allowed members of the local credit program to shop. In February, the Yodobashi Camera store tried to sell several hundred consoles on a first-come, first-buy basis, instead of a raffle. Nothing good came of it. Hundreds of buyers filled the premises, pushing salespeople and flipping checkout counters, resulting in the need to call the police.

Although at the initial stage the PlayStation 5 set records for the speed of sales, now it is inferior in this indicator to its predecessor PlayStation 4, largely due to interruptions in the supply of components.

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