Japan will allocate 300 million for the development of advanced

Japan will allocate $300 million for the development of advanced semiconductors

The Rapidus consortium, based in Japan, expects to establish production of 2nm chips in the country by 2027, but to achieve this goal it will need the support of a specialized research center and colleagues from the American corporation IBM. The Japanese authorities decided to allocate $300 million for a period of five years to subsidize the LSTC research center.

  Image source: Nikon

Image source: Nikon

Japanese authorities, as noted Bloomberg, recognize the importance of fundamental research in the field of semiconductor manufacturing technologies and at the same time share the concerns of private business about the high risk of investing in this area. The state is ready to partially take on these risks by providing subsidies for the activities of the research center founded a year ago. Its tasks include searching for advanced technologies for the production of semiconductor chips, as well as promoting the development of processors using artificial intelligence technologies. Subsidies in the amount of $300 million allocated to the center by the country’s authorities also imply assistance in the development of 2-nm technology, among other things.

The research center will strengthen cooperation between Japanese universities in this area, but at the same time attract foreign technology developers. The center is headed by the chairman of the board of directors of Rapidus, Tetsuro Higashi, who previously headed the Tokyo Electron company, specializing in the production of lithographic equipment. Japanese Economy Minister Ken Saito said he hopes all these efforts will help strengthen the long-term competitiveness of the Japanese semiconductor industry in the global market.

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