Japan Display will dominate the production of medium sized OLED panels

Japan Display will dominate the production of medium-sized OLED panels in the eLEAP family by 2025

The Japan Display joint venture, founded in 2012, specialized in the production of compact and medium-sized LCD panels and supplied them for Apple’s needs for some time. However, after the iPhone switched to using OLED panels, it stayed away from special orders. The Japanese company was able to start producing compact OLED panels for wristwatches, but will only go beyond 10 inches in 2025 with the start of production of the new generation of OLED panels eLEAP.

    Image source: Nikkei Asian Review, Ryo Mukano

Image source: Nikkei Asian Review, Ryo Mukano

The latter, as explained Nikkei Asian Review, do not pollute the environment to the same extent as traditional masks because no metal masks are used in their production. They also retain their original brightness for longer and can be freely shaped, not just rectangular. The latter opens the way to the on-board electronics of cars.

14-inch OLED panels that JDI or its Chinese partner will produce starting in 2024 can be used in laptops and tablets as well as on-board systems in cars. Starting next spring, JDI will begin producing 1.4-inch eLEAP generation panels for smartwatches at its factory in Japan. It is noteworthy that JDI has an agreement with China’s HKC for the joint production of OLED panels in China. China’s TCL division also has a cross-licensing agreement with Japan Display (JDI).


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