Japan and the Netherlands almost came to an agreement with

Japan and the Netherlands almost came to an agreement with the USA not to supply chip manufacturing equipment to China

In early October last year, US authorities tightened their own export control rules regarding the supply of certain semiconductor components and equipment to China for their production. Products shipped from the Netherlands and Japan were not fully covered by these sanctions. The negotiation process has resulted in both countries adapting their export control rules to US requirements by the end of January.

    Image source: Intel

Image source: Intel

The agency announced this, citing its own informed sources. Bloomberg. During their visits to Washington this month, Dutch Prime Ministers Mark Rutte and Japan’s Fumio Kishida discussed their respective plans with US President Joseph Biden. After a visit to Davos, Switzerland, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands said in an interview with Bloomberg News: “I’m pretty sure we can do it. This can be done without loud utterances. So far there is no clarity. That depends partly on how the negotiations with the different countries go.”.

When implemented by Japan and the Netherlands, “solidarity sanctions” will not fully duplicate US ban measures, the source clarifies. In any case, there should not be a ban on citizens of these countries working with Chinese contractors. In the US itself, some political forces are pushing for even stricter restrictions on technology exports to China. The Dutch authorities, speaking for local media, showed their willingness to protect the interests of the largest manufacturer of lithographic scanners ASML, which could lose a large market for its products as a result of new sanctions against China. At the same time, in foreign policy, they talked about the need to take into account the interests of other countries, such as Japan, which also supplies such equipment.

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