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‘I’ve Watched Seven Times But I’m Still Not Enough’: The Unreal Fan Remake got a stunning trailer in honor of the series’ 25th anniversary

German enthusiast Krull0r has released a new trailer for his remake of the legendary Unreal. The video is dedicated to the anniversary of Epic Games’ original shooter – on May 22, the game celebrated its 25th anniversary.

    Image source: unrealredux.com

Image source: unrealredux.com

The Unreal Redux trailer features gameplay footage of bloody gunfights set to music by Alexander Brandon, who worked on the Unreal, Deus Ex, Thief, and Neverwinter Nights franchises. Specifically, Krull0r used a remix of Gary Afterlife’s SharedDig.

Unreal Redux stays true to the spirit of the original game, keeping the style and atmosphere while gaining support for the current operating system, NVIDIA PhysX technology, an updated level design with more detailed geometry, a new skybox and improved visual and audio effects (including gunshots, explosions and footsteps, considering the surface material). There will be more secrets and mysteries and some maps will be merged into one huge level. In addition, new gameplay features will appear, such as searching the corpses of enemies and improved interaction with Nali representatives.

At project website You can see comparative screenshots of old and new map versions.

Users greeted the new trailer with enthusiasm. The author is thanked for this “unbelievable” Work calling a remake “The best version of Unreal ever”which allows you to play the shooter more “several decades”.

Many praised Krull0r for the choice of engine – he preferred the modified Unreal Engine 1 (version with Patch 227) to newer versions more commonly used for remake development. “All innovations are fully in line with the spirit of Unrealnoticed UberTerris. — I’m glad the remake won’t be made on the new Unreal Engine – firstly because the result would look completely different, and secondly because it’s excellent proof that an outdated graphics engine can produce an amazing picture. The case when the artist decides, not the brush”.

Some other comments:

“Lost for Language” (UnrealGGecko).

“I’ve seen it seven times, but it’s still not enough for me” (ManiejTC).

“Childhood Dream Come True” (unreal stuff).

“Unreal remains one of the most atmospheric games I’ve ever played. […] Music. Colorful graphics. An environment created with love. The world of Nali is just as unique and exciting as it was then. I look forward to experiencing it all again.” (Jammet Leopard).

Unreal Redux has been in development for about five years and is still a long way from release. Accordingly Due to his health problems, Krull0r’s progress was slow. Now he is working on the 24th map (Bluff Ever Smoking) and the final release of the remake promises several years at the earliest.


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