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“I’ve been waiting for this for so long…”: The former BioWare boss confirmed the clue from the first Mass Effect, which has been lying in front of players for 16 years

Casey Hudson, director of the Mass Effect trilogy and former general manager of BioWare, in his microblog Confirmedthat the opening scene of the first Mass Effect is a reference to another work.

    Image Source: Steam (InquisitorAles)

Image Source: Steam (InquisitorAles)

Twitter user under the pseudonym Snizabelle dividedthat every time she watches Top Gun, she’s struck by the similarity of its opening to that of the first Mass Effect.

Recall that the original Mass Effect, which debuted in 2007, begins with a black screen with the background of game events in white text, followed by the project logo.

    Mass Effect and Top Gun intro comparison (Image source: Snizabelle)

Comparison between Mass Effect and Top Gun intros (Image source: Snizabelle)

As it turns out, the similarities between Top Gun and Mass Effect intros are no coincidence. In addition, the developers of BioWare deliberately made a reference to the film by Tony Scott (Tony Scott) in the first few seconds of their space opera.

Hudson admitted to having been an inspiration to his former team. “Finally someone noticed! I have waited so long…” – The developer commented on the observation of Snizabelle left to her on her microblog on January 17th.

    Image source: BioWare

Image source: BioWare

In fairness, it should be noted that Snizabelle did not become the discoverer of this surface secret. The resemblance was also noted in 2016 on reddit. However, there is no official confirmation of shipping yet.

Hudson and Mass Effect eventually split in December 2020 when the former BioWare exec left to start his own studio. The new installment of Mass Effect is in pre-production and has no release dates yet.

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