Its amazing this game is still evolving The new DLC

“It’s amazing this game is still evolving”: The new DLC for Stellaris will be dedicated to civilizations that have been “uncorrupted by galactic life”.

Paradox Interactive announced new DLC for the global space strategy Stellaris. The First Contact story expansion offers the opportunity to observe primitive civilizations and see the cosmos from their point of view.

    Image Credit: Paradox Interactive

Image Credit: Paradox Interactive

“Your people have been asking the starry sky the same question for centuries: Is there anyone else out there? — says in the description of the DLC. — What do they become for us when we meet – friends or foes? Will we find them first or are they already here and hiding from us?”

First Contact is dedicated to civilizations that have yet to discover FTL travel and “Untainted by Galactic Life”. It will reflect the views of both sides – and the primitive civilizations themselves and those who observe them. The observing process has been overhauled, adding new mechanics related to diplomacy, espionage, and the awareness of those observed by the player of their presence.

developer cook three new story-driven origins. “Payback” and “Broken Shackles” will tell about the struggle of empires against the oppression of Minamar Specialized Industries Corporation: in the first case, players successfully repelled an attack from space and gained access to advanced alien technology, and in the second, they became Alien prisoners and captured their ship. “Fear of the Dark” (Fear of the Dark) forces you to search “The fine line between paranoia and reasonable caution”: An incident has occurred on one of the player’s planets, confirming that someone is still in space, and now a crucial decision must be made.

In addition, the expansion will add an entirely new cloaking mechanic that will allow players to hide their ships and outposts from their neighbors (and also make them wonder what they could be hiding from them). More about this will be told later.

First Contact is the 17th paid DLC for Stellaris. The previous Toxoids Species Pack with poisonous worlds was released in September 2022. In the comments on the new trailer, user astonished because the game “still in development”.

The expansion will be released simultaneously with the major free update 3.7 Canis Minor (no date given). To run it you need a copy of the main game.

Stellaris was released on PC in May 2016 (steam, GOG), and in February 2019 the strategy was released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game has received over 100,000 ratings on the Valve Store, which is an 88% rating.

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