Italy named the conditions for unblocking ChatGPT in the country

Italy named the conditions for unblocking ChatGPT in the country

The Italian regulator Garante, which controls the protection of personal data, has published a list of requirements for OpenAI – these it must meet so that the chatbot ChatGPT it created can function again in the country. Most requirements must be met by April 30th.

    Image source: Emiliano Vittoriosi/

Image source: Emiliano Vittoriosi/

Earlier, the Italian regulator Garante temporarily restricted OpenAI’s work due to issues related to the processing of personal data and began investigating the company’s activities related to a possible violation of user rights. In response, OpenAI stopped ChatGPT in Italy. Garante, in turn, placed specific requirements on the creators of the bot, most of which must be completed by the end of the month – only after that can the regulator lift the restrictions and the bot will be available again. Today, OpenAI welcomed the news. The company is pleased that the agency has revised its ban and intends to work together to ensure Italians have access to ChatGPT.

Italy was the first Western European country to embrace ChatGPT restrictions, Reuters reports, but the technology’s rapid development has attracted the attention of other regulators and lawmakers. New norms are needed to govern AI because of its potential impact on education, jobs, and even national security, experts say.

Garante demanded that OpenAI inform Italian users about the “methods and logic” of data processing necessary for the functioning of ChatGPT. The regulator also asked OpenAI to provide tools that allow people whose data is affected by the bot’s work to request correction of inaccurate personal data generated by the service, or request its deletion when correction is not possible. In addition, residents who are not ChatGPT users should be able to object to the processing of their personal data in a “simple and accessible manner”.

By the end of September, the company is set to roll out an expanded system for verifying users’ ages, as residents under the age of 13 are prohibited from using the bot, and those between the ages of 13 and 18 are only allowed with parental permission. Garante said it will continue to investigate potential ChatGPT vulnerabilities that put the data of residents in the country at risk, but reserves the right to take necessary action once the ongoing investigation is complete.

The Italian restrictions have sparked interest in ChatGPT from EU regulators, who are considering whether to introduce tighter controls on chatbots and whether they should be coordinated. It is known that the Spanish Data Protection Agency has asked officials for a risk assessment of personal data related to ChatGPT. In February, Italy banned AI bot company Replica from using data from Italian users, citing risks to minors and the emotionally unstable.


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