It will take Google 60 years to sell as many

It will take Google 60 years to sell as many smartphones as Samsung does in a year

In 2016, Google launched the first Pixel smartphones. Although the first three generations of devices were received quite positively by both critics and users, things didn’t go so well after the release of the Pixel 4 smartphones. This is indicated by data from the analysis and consulting company International Data Corporation, which calculated that Google has sold as many Pixel smartphones in all this time as Samsung has sold in a month.

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No matter how good Pixel phones are, it will be decades before Google catches up with the South Korean giant in terms of sales. According to IDC, Google has sold 27.6 million devices since 2016, when the first Pixel smartphones were launched. That number represents about a tenth of the volume of smartphones sold by Samsung in 2021. In other words, it would take Google 60 years to sell as many smartphones as Samsung does in a year.

The huge difference in sales makes you think Google is doing something wrong. According to experts, Google does not aim to compete with Samsung in the global smartphone market. Instead, the company is launching smartphones mainly for the US market, since there are practically no alternatives to the iPhone in the US following the exit of LG and HTC and increased distrust of Chinese devices. Android smartphones from Sony are still selling well in the USA, but the Japanese are no longer among the front runners in this segment.

Despite the huge difference in sales between Google and Samsung smartphones, the American company does not intend to stop releasing new items. In the near future, Google will officially unveil the Pixel 7 devices, which will be succeeded by the Pixel 8 smartphones next year.

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