It will be better than Elden Ring The ambitious Archthrones

“It will be better than Elden Ring”: The ambitious Archthrones mod for Dark Souls 3 received a demo release date and an interesting teaser

The large-scale modification of Dark Souls: Archthrones for the fantasy role-playing game Dark Souls 3 has no release date yet, but the long-promised demo version is finally looming.

    Image Credit: Dark Souls: Archthrones

Image Credit: Dark Souls: Archthrones

As has been announced, the demo version of Dark Souls: Archthrones will be released in September this year. will be noticeable “as a standalone game” and offer users lots of exciting activities.

The announcement was accompanied by a 30-second gameplay teaser. In the video, the voiceover talks about it “boundless ocean of sand”, where the desert kingdom of Karthus lies buried. In Dark Souls 3 only the catacombs remained of him.

Users loved the teaser and the prospect of immersing themselves in the desert environment of Karthus. Viewers predict Archthrones high quality: “There is no doubt that this mod will be better than Elden Ring”.

The authors call Archthrones an unprecedented mod in terms of size that completely transforms Dark Souls 3. In terms of size, the project is will be comparable with the original game – according to his passage HowLongToBeatwill take about 30 hours.

The mod tells an alternate story set in five unique worlds prior to the events of Dark Souls 3. Between locations, the hero moves from the Nexus, which in Archthrones is a modified Temple of Fire.

They promise a completely redesigned character development system, new locations, enemies, bosses, fully voiced NPCs and battle stance mechanics from Dark Souls 2. The mod will be free but will require a copy of Dark Souls 3 with all additions.

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